goTeff, Food for Champions!

Here at goTeff, we believe in championing any cause we stand for be it bringing superior nutrition to you or partnering with Ethiopian teff farmers for solar irrigation. We reinvest profits into farming communities to scale up production capacity. Our reinvestment is in the form of off-the-shelf solar irrigation technology which triples the yield for farmers and increases their income. By investing into farming cooperatives with modular solar irrigation units, goTeff increases their teff production capacity by allowing for multiple harvests in a single year.


Why solar pumps?

For our farmers, the solar pumps are more than just irrigation tools, they allow access to drinking water, better hygiene, as well as more income for education and healthcare-an overall key to economic empowerment. Teff is the best crop to invest into because farmers can produce more to feed their own families, use it for cattle feed, store it for multiple years without worrying about risk of perishing or sell it in the consistently rising market for Teff. Thank you for being part of goTeff’s movement of superfood and super impact!